Academic Process

  • Quality sustenance and enhancement measures undertaken by the institution during the last five years in curricular aspects are:

    Demonstration by Teacher Educators and Observation by the Teacher Trainees:

    The Teacher Educators demonstrate Micro Teaching skills and Macro lesson Plans to develop knowledge and skills related to the teaching Learning process which enable them to apply their knowledge effectively in classroom situations.

Practice Teaching

Continuous observation and assessment of the Teacher Trainees for a duration of 40 working days in twenty seven Government, Govt.-Aided and Matriculation Schools in and around Thiruvallur district is strictly followed by the Teacher Educators. They visit these schools and a record of feedback of each and every Teacher Trainee for all the subjects is maintained.

Feedback of observation of their Teaching is given then and there to each and every student in practising schools for improvement and remedial purpose.

Guest Lectures, Seminars, Demonstrations, Field Trips, Visits to hospitals/banks/old age homes form the regular academic – related activities.

The Teacher Trainees submit the Project reports for evaluation

Conduct of Tests and Examinations.

The performance of the learners is tested by encouraging them to offer feedback of what they have learnt. Their progress is tested by conducting Unit tests, Model Exams, Assignments and Seminars. To test the performance and improvement of the students, many competitions are held to have first-hand knowledge of their achievement.

There is a consistent result of above 98% Pass in the University Examinations for the past 4 years.

Students’ Union

Students Union is formed with the following office bearers: President, Secretary and Treasurer .

They are unanimously elected and they discharge the following duties

Nominate the Students for Prayer, oath taking and pledge, readings from the Thirukkural, reading the days news and giving message everyday in the assembly.

Co-operate with their classmates and staff in the routine activities of the college and participate and extend assistance during functions.

Represent the Students’ grievances and problems to the Head of the institution.

Current Events