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The Institution follows the rules and regulations of the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, for its smooth functioning Admission procedure, Staff approval, Syllabus, Conduct of Examinations (Theory and Practicals), System of valuation and other Curricular, Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities. The Institution is successfully run by Jaya Educational Trust as one of the colleges out of 23 Educational Institutions run by the same Management The Trust takes up the complete financial responsibilities for the smooth functioning of the Institution.

JAYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ensures to produce quality Teachers to serve the rural society in and around Thiruninravur. The challenges faced by the Institution are, meeting the professional needs of the learners and to equip its Teaching faculty and Teacher Trainees for the growing demands of the competitive world. To echo the powerful sentiments expressed by the poet Robert Frost:

"The Woods are lovely dark and deep. But
I have promises to keep before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep"

Goals and Objectives

These are accomplished by catering educational Service:

>>To the first generation learners and those hailing from rural background
>>To the learners who belong to the economically/socially weaker sections
>>To the learners who are differently-abled (Physically /Visually challenged) By:
>>Imparting basic educational skills to pursue higher education with a research outlook.
>>Introducing the use of interdisciplinary programmes to inculcate learning which value is    oriented, enhancing social responsibilities.
>>Offering personal, academic and vocational guidance to students.
>>Arranging placement services for the passed out students.
>>Conducting Alumni Association meetings for the follow up studies and placement.
>>Serving the community by providing various programmes that vouchsafe academic excellence.


The Jaya Group of Institutions has been a stable constituent of the higher educational space for a longer period of time, taking care of the intellectual cultivation of young generation who present not only the strengths of tradition but also a hope facing the future.

We are a comprehensive group of institutions with cosmopolitan and international orientation. We distinguish ourselves from other similar groups by our focus on developing greater intellectual and cultural resources and by the fact that our walls encompass almost all academic disciplines- Medicine & Surgery, Engineering, Technology, Business Administration, Commerce, Dentistry, Paramedic , Life Sciences, Pedagogy (Teacher Education), Hospitality, Media ,Culture, Tourism, etc.

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